What if I have a problem?

Contact ICAPS' 2021 Support:icapsGZ2021@gmail.com

Attending the Conference


This year's conference provides two distinct ways to attend the conference, either through zoom or through live broadcast. You can access them both from the ICAPS-21 website and through gather (see below).

You do not have to commit to one method or the other for the length of the conference: you may choose either one whenever you join.

The way you interact with the speakers and the other audience members differs depending on which method you choose:

  1. In Zoom, you can post your questions in the chat or ask these questions in voice during live Q&A. If you want to ask a question by voice, please use the “Raise Hand” option in the Zoom interface, and wait to be called on by the session chair, who will unmute you.
  2. Watch a live broadcast* of the Zoom session, including the live Q&A. There is a RocketChat window provided on the broadcast page for chatting among participants. You can ask question there, but questions regarding the presentation posted on RocketChat might not be answered during the presentation or live Q&A.

The participants that expect to ask questions are encouraged to join via Zoom, while others are encouraged to watch the live broadcast. In any case, please use only one of these two options at a time.

* Note that there might be a slight delay (~1 min) in the live broadcast. Therefore, we suggest you not switch between the two attendance options during a session.

Guide for virtual conference

If it is the first time for you to enter our gather space, you will be required to input your name and choose an avatar and clothing for that avatar. After that, you will be prompted to set up your camera, audio and microphone (if you prefer not to use them, you can just ignore this). Then you can enter our ICAPS-21 space by clicking "Join the Gathering".
When you are in Gather, if you are unable to move because other participants are in the way, please move while holding down 'g' in your keyboard. This will put you into "ghost mode" and you will be able to move through other participants.

Attending the main conference via Gather

From Gather.Town, go into the session room and click x to open a window with the attending options and links.

Do not hesitate to close the window or tab with your Gather session: Gather will use cookies to remember your avatar configuration and position in the space, as long as you return from the same browser. If you keep Gather.Town open during participation, you might hear an echo. Closing the tab should resolve the problem. For more information, see Gather.Town's online help.

Areas within Gather

1. Main area

When you enter our ICAPS gather space for the first time, you will start in the main area with locations inspired by Guangzhou. There are six buildings: a Sessions tower, a Tutorials/Workshops mansion, a Bar tower, a Demo opera, a Diversity Event mansion, and a Poster building. Following the red arrows, by entering the white squares, you can jump into the corresponding room. In the left-bottom side of the main area, you can find our sponsors. Please go to talk to our sponsors if you are interested in their job posts.

2. The Session tower

The invited talks, main sessions and competition session will be held in the Session tower (as shown below). When you enter the tower, you can press 'x' in your keyboard to go to a new webpage for the live streaming.

3. The workshop building

When you enter the Tutorial/Workshop building, you will arrive at a hall with 6 rooms, including five rooms and a doctoral consortium room. On the wall you can find the schedule for the room. You can go back to the main area by going through the exit.

4. Workshop rooms

The plenary talks of every workshop will be held via Zoom meeting and you can press 'x' to obtain the link to the Zoom meeting. When the plenary talk(s) is(are) finished, you can go to the workshop poster session and communicate with other participants freely. Workshop rooms will be arranged in one of two ways:

  1. In case 1, posters were put in both sides of workshop rooms. Each poster stand contains a private area where participants can chat locally.
  2. In case 2, the poster session will be held in the form of group discussion. A workshop room includes four private areas where authors can share their screen to participants in the same areas.

5. The Bar tower

Social events and "coffee" breaks will be held in the Bar tower.

6. The Poster buildings

The main conference poster session will be held in the Poster building. The Poster building has two entrances: one at the front and one at the back. Posters are arranged by tracks. The signs on the floor can help you to find the posters you are interested in. Each poster contains a private area to allow you to communicate with the authors personally. Similarly, you can obtain a webpage containing a poster pdf by pressing 'x' on your keyboard.

7. The Demo opera

The system demonstration session will be held in the Demo opera, where can find 19 tables and in each table you can find a demo video via pressing 'x'.

8. The Diversity Event building

Social events will be held in the Diversity Event building.