• Registration for the main conference includes workshops, tutorials and expo.
  • ICAPS 2021 participants will have free admission to SOCS 2021.
  • Should you have any questions about registration, please send email to icapsGZ2021@gmail.com

Registration Fee: $50 (non student), $20 (student). Publication Fee: $150 per paper.

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  • We have limited fund for reimbursing attendees in the order of earliest-registration-first, under the condition that he/she attends at least 5 hours of ICAPS 2021.

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This is a purely virtual conference, so we will not be providing any VISA invitation letters. If you need documentation of your participation at the meeting for reimbursement, please use your registration receipt as proof of payment and your certificate of attendance (above in the Payment and Receipt section) as your proof of attendance.

You can click this link to print the receipt

If you would like to let the ICAPS 2021 sponsors know that you are looking for a job/position, check this box and we will share your information with them.

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